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You won't believe your ears - 5,000 Free Sounds!

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Click here to buy the complete
5,000 sound collection.
Only $19.95!

The Zillion Sounds collection contains over 5,000 original MP3 sound effects.
All of the sounds are Free for non-commercial use, and inexpensive for commercial use!
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12beat, 2222, 4drum, casio01, chpdr01, chpdr02, chpdr03, chpdr04, chpdr06, chpdr07, chpdr08, chpdr09, chpdr10, chpdr11, chpdr12, cooldrum, cymb01, cymb02, cymb03, cymb04, cymb05, cymb06, cymb07, dcym01, dcym02, dpdrum01, dpdrum02, dpdrum03, dpdrum04, dpdrum05, dpdrum06, dpdrum07, dpdrum08, dpdrum09, dpdrum10, dpdrum11, dpdrum12, dpdrum13, dpdrum14, dpdrum15, dpdrum16, dpdrum17, dpdrum18, dpdrum19, dpdrum20, dpdrum21, dpdrum22, drdown, drdown2, drdown3, drdown4, drmthing, drum1234, drum4bar, drumstag, drup1, drup2, drup3, drup4, evr01, evr02, evr03, evr05, fnkbd02, fnkbd03, gongx, hidrum01, hidrum02, hidrum03, hidrum04, hidrum05, hidrum06, hidrum07, hitdr1, kdrum01, kdrum02, kdrum03, kdrum04, kdrum05, locym1, mummif, sjdrum1, sloproll, slowbnd1, slowbnd2, slowcym1, slowdr01, smdrum, smdrum2, snarefix, snarex01, snarex02, snarex03, snarex04, snarex05, snarex06

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There are 96 sounds in the Drums category. You could describe the content of this category as Drums, as snare, bass, kettle, steel, beat, rythmn, hit, roll, cymbol, gong, cadence, rythmn, drumbeat, drumstick, march, and syncopation.

This collection of 5,000 FX and music clips are organized into 70 separate categories. They are all 8-bit 22kHz mono in .mp3 format, making them easy to use with most programs, MP3 players, and other electronic devices. This collection is license and royalty-free for non-commercial use, and inexpensive for commerical use. Click here for detailed usage rights. You can alternately navigate the collection via scrolling fields by clicking here.

For commercial use you can purchase the entire sound library of 5,000 sounds for only $19.95! When you purchase "A Zillion Sounds 2.0" you will not only get all the sounds in handy folders, but a fast browser program that lets you search by keywords, and mark/copy sets of sounds. The Windows version has all the sounds in .WAV format, and the Macintosh version has them as .AIF format.

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