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FNFFOW2, Alien talk on spaceship at area 51.

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25 K

The effect FNFFOW2.mp3 is one of 90 sounds in the Aliens category. You could describe the content of this category as Aliens, as well as monsters, sci-fi, wierd, odd, space, foreign, fantasy, unusual, fantastic, eerie, uncanny, UFO, moon, NASA, Roswell, Area 51, satellite, space shuttle, lunar, pluto, and mars.

The full collection of 5,000 FX and music clips are organized into 70 separate categories. They are all 8-bit 22kHz mono in .mp3 format, making them easy to use with most programs. This collection is license and royalty-free for non-commercial use, and inexpensive for commerical use. Click here for detailed usage rights.

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(If you don't have Shockwave, you can download the Plug-in Here.)

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